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Our Mission

Providing cost-effective IT solutions to small to medium size businesses here in the Twin Cities. We combine safer "face-to-face" interaction with the cost-effectiveness of global sourcing
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App Development

We believe it pays to develop applications using a consistent methodology, in order to achieve consistent results. An overview of our approach to Software Application Development is provided below.

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Our Approach to Software Application Development:

  1. Client Interview and requirements gathering

    • Client Interview.  As an owner (or senior manager) of a Minnesota business, you are likely to understand the business requirements for your software application development project better than anyone else. We prefer to begin these projects with a face to face meeting where possible.

    • Detailed analysis and requirements gathering, to solve YOUR business needs.  We don't rush prematurely into the coding phase. We take enough time to develop a complete and accurate understanding of your business needs, translating these needs into a comprehensive IT requirements document. Well-designed software solutions take more time to implement, however will usually provide much better long-term value.

    • An interactive process. Important details may not be known immediately, from all areas the project depends on. We'll always circle back to "connect the dots", filling in gaps with any missing requirements details as they become available.

    • We solve problems before they happen.  The earlier we discover and handle project requirements, the less costly it is to make make necessary changes and adjustments. We want to save you money, also avoid unnecessary work on our part. We'll only move to the next level after all personnel involved with the project are comfortable with the proposed solution.

  2. Creation of a comprehensive project requirements document

    • Full Disclosure. We believe true requirements are often well-hidden. Sometimes, they can only be discovered through extensive communication with various members of the business and project teams. As new project requirements are discovered, they will be fully discussed with those affected (as appropriate), and fully documented as part of a comprehensive Project Requirements document.

    • In Writing.  The hardest part of this process is to discover these requirements; Writing them down is the easy part!

    • Valuable for testing. Written requirements are invaluable for setting up solution testing in unit, system, and user acceptance testing project phases (For each project requirement, there will be a corresponding test to satisfy before the project can move to the next phase).

    • Valuable for knowledge transfer and communication.  Development of detailed formal written requirements is also very valuable for knowledge transfer, and to avoid misunderstandings. There's a popular saying: "if it wasn't written, it didn't happen" - If all parties are working from the same master plan, we feel there will be much less opportunity for later misunderstandings regarding important project details.

  3. Creation of a clear, verifiable, and measurable project plan

    • Measuring Success, one task at a time.  There is a saying in management circles: "you can't fix what you can't measure". The same holds true for software; After properly capturing project requirements in detail, the next step is to combine these requirements together to create a workable plan with measurable results.

    • Weekly time frame.  We break down our Application Development project plans into small measurable steps (each taking approximately 1 work week or less to complete).

    • Easy to use.  Our project plans are easily readable, detailed, and provide a roadmap showing expected weekly milestones for all tasks within the scope of the application development project. We also provide weekly status reports, showing progress against each of these weekly application development milestones. A quick review of the project plan against the week's status report will quickly demonstrate our weekly performance.

  4. Software application development (coding and testing)

    • Project Prototyping. If feasible, we believe in providing important information, simple prototypes, and partial information (as appropriate) to customers as early in the software application development process as possible. We realize customers may be in a better position to refine and tweak the final solution, after they've had an initial prototype to to experiment with.

    • Providing results early.  Rather than waiting to provide a "perfect" solution (which may differ from customer's internal expectations), we prefer to provide working prototypes, following up by working closely with the customer to provide any final revisions needed.

    • Don't call us - We'll call you!  If there are any unexpected problems, we won't wait for you to contact us - we'll call you first!

  5. Solution Delivery

    • On time, and within budget.  Because of our careful planning, we are highly successful delivering projects as promised!

    • Warranty Work. For a reasonable time after delivery and signoff (30 to 60 days, depending on project), we support/fix problems with software funtionality which are found to be within the scope of the recently delivered project.

    • Customer Satisfaction. Our ultimate goal is to find the solution to the problem you are having. We'll honor our commitments, provide timely communication, and always be courteous and professional.