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Our Mission

Providing cost-effective IT solutions to small to medium size businesses here in the Twin Cities. We combine safer "face-to-face" interaction with the cost-effectiveness of global sourcing
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Our Process

When designing a website, it's important to have an overall business objective, with specific, detailed, and measurable goals. Our process "begins with the end in mind", and is designed to develop strategies which include your business goals from the very beginning.

MN Site Design process for Twin Cities, Minnesota businessOur Design Process

  1. Understanding your Needs

    • Understanding your requirements.  Each company is defined uniquely by its own branding, culture and operational practices. We'll take the time to understand your business, current market conditions, and your customers needs. Your new (or re-designed) website will help you manage your business, increasing sales as you focus exclusively on giving your customers what they want.

    • Options for YOUR needs and budget.  The Internet offers an abundance of features and functionality, with many ways to both provide an interactive experience and build your brand. Adding many different features increases complexity (therefore cost), and may not always add value. We'll work with you to determine which options provide the features you need, at a price you can afford.

    • Keeping you Informed.  We understand the importance of keeping you updated of our progress. We'll communicate on a regular basis, so you'll always know what's happening with the project. We'll also provide samples of the work as it progresses, to ensure that your specific requirements are being met.

    • Listening to your concerns.  If something seems out of place during the development process, don't be afraid to ask questions. If, after seeing early website results you need to re-think various project requirements, we'll take this into consideration (modifying project parameters such as timeline, functionality, and/or cost) and move forward accordingly. We're here to offer professional advice throughout our partnership, and want to ensure your new website provides you with the tools you need for continued success.

    • Personalized service throughout.  With us, you're not just another project... We consider you to be a business partner! We'll treat you and your associates with dignity and respect, and won't waste your time. Our business relationship will be very unique, specifically tailored to both you and your business.

  2. Business, Marketing, and Technical Analysis

    • Understanding customer search patterns.  We'll research needs and expectations of your industry's customers, designing a website to place your company as the top authority they've been searching for.

    • Discovering most effective search keywords.  The success of a website is determined by its visibility on the web. Regardless of visual design or functionality, a website is useless if potential customers cannot find it. Keywords are essential to providing this visibility. Utilizing the latest SEO (search engine optimization) tools, we'll uncover exact phrases your customers are searching for (tailoring content for these queries) and allowing your website to become a top result for their queries.

    • Your Company's Key Advantages.  There are likely to be many competitors within your industry. Unique products and/or services provided by your business (also specialized knowledge required to provide these products or services) distinguishes your business from the others. We'll carefully analyze the key advantages of your business, highlighting them throughout the website.

    • How to meet your Customer's Expectations.  Your customers know what they're looking for... Your website should provide them with the answer! Vague descriptions and abstract concepts cause confusion and frustration among visitors. Visual communication is a key component of successful websites, helping visitors quickly find desired results. We'll provide quality graphics appropriate to your message, on a foundation of quality content.

  3. Providing a Roadmap for Success

    • Balancing price and functionality.  Ideally, your website should provide the best interactive experience for customers, at a price which fits your budget. Our professional staff will work closely with you to manage project scope, helping you to most efficiently allocate your IT budget.

    • Detailed Requirements Briefing.  Let us know what you'd like your website to accomplish, and we'll propose features to bring those goals together. We'll also provide a breakdown of costs involved for implementing these options. Of course, you're free to alter these requirements as needed, to maintain your budget.

    • Providing a clear proposal.  If we propose any features to include in your site, we'll help you understand the reasons behind each one. We pride ourselves on providing dependable, affordable services to our customers... As long as your requirements stay the same, so will the price.

    • Communicating expected benefits.  Although virtually every business can benefit from a website, some companies stand to gain more than others. We'll provide candid analysis of expected benefits should you proceed with our proposal. We'll also provide suggestions for additional options you might consider after your site goes live.

  4. Developing your Solution

    • A Diagram for success. Diagrams and charts are crucial to website development. They allow developers to communicate technical concepts to those with limited knowledge of computers. They also provide a roadmap of the entire website development process. Our developers will work closely with you to draft a roadmap that leads your business to becoming a success online.

    • Comprehensive Testing. Let's face it, computers and software are complicated, and most interactive websites have many "moving parts". As functionality increases, so do the number of interfaces (also opportunities for hidden defects). Problems often arise when developers rush through projects without comprehensive testing; Symptoms can range anywhere from frustrated customers (due to missing or inconsistent functionality) to major security breaches. Even a small defect can lead to serious problems…We'll take the time to completely test each component (re-testing again as an integrated system) before presenting the results to you as a finished product.

    • Building Website step-by-step. Proper 2-way communication of project requirements is key to the success of any IT project. If your website designers don't fully understand your requirements, there's very little chance the project will be completed either successfully or on time (at least, without a lot of re-work!). For this reason, we take a very conservative approach to fully understanding your requirements, and keeping you "in the loop" on important design considerations. We'll walk you through and demonstrate features as we build them, making sure it's what you really want.

    • Ensure approval of each step. We'll seek your approval for each step of the project. If you have any concerns, we'll meet to compare results with project requirements. If we missed the mark, we'll provide timely resolution free-of-charge. Even when an item is "out of scope" for the project, we still want you to be happy... we'll work with  your to review and revise project requirements (such as timeline, functionality, and/or cost) as appropriate before proceeding. When you hire us, you always remain in control of the project!

    • Moving Website to the Internet. Completing the project to your specifications is one thing; Getting it online requires additional collaboration. If this is a new website, you'll probably need to set up an account to host the website on a web server, and also create a new domain name. Depending on your needs, "shared" hosting on web servers is priced as a low recurring monthly payment, and domain names require a low annual fee. Various options are available (we'll likely have a recomendation to suit your needs). We'll work with you closely to make sure your new website is successfully uploaded, visible on the Internet, and properly submitted to the major search engines.

  5. Support and Enhancements

    • Addressing customer concerns. Even a smooth development process can experience minor issues after the website is first uploaded to the Internet. It is possible some minor details may not be 100 percent correct, or you may see additional opportunities for the site to further promote your business. Minor defects and other issues are common, and will be addressed quickly and efficiently.

    • Reflecting company changes online. Your online strategy is, in fact, your company's strategy. All major components of company's current operations should be consistently represented both online and offline. As your business changes, the website should also be kept up-to-date to reflect the latest changes. This allows your new website to remain a relevant tool for both you and your customers. Please call us as your business changes; We'll make the necessary changes to keep your website up-to date with your business!

    • Maintaining the latest trends. Websites are affected by two different trends; Those reflected by your business's industry, others resulting from evolution of the web (and changes in customers online habits). Failing to stay current with such shifts can quickly become detrimental to your success. We're constantly monitoring these trends, and are prepared to update your website accordingly. We'll also assist clients with an existing website, created by another firm.

    • Hardware / Browser Compatibility. Desktop and laptop computers aren't the only technologies accessing the web. Smart phones and tablets have seen incredible growth in recent years. Browsers and related plug-ins also change periodically. If a website is not modified with the latest technological enhancements, it may not continue to function properly. We monitor these latest advancements, and will help keep your website functioning properly on all major platforms.

    • Addressing new security risks as they arise. Computer viruses, malware and hackers always seem to find clever new methods for bypassing even the most stringent security features. This is an important concern throughout the Internet, and one that must be taken seriously. We're up-to-date with current industry standards, and seamlessly integrate strong security features into every new website.